In 2016 we set the first steps to creating a new company, our vision: “to be the leading and first fully digital MGA by empowering all stakeholders in the insurance industry”.

We believe that there is a better way to collect the information needed to underwrite bespoke insurance policies. We understood that the current process is frustrating and time consuming for intermediaries, insurance companies and customers alike. We set-out to find a solution and to improve the experience for everyone involved in the process. The result of this is Coverholder.

We created a cloud-based tool for Insurance Agents & Brokers allowing for the highest level of autonomy in the stipulation of complex bespoke insurance policies. Insurance Agents and Brokers regain autonomy in their work, become more productive and can focus on their value-added activities.

Coverholder is a tradename of Insurtech MGA LTD


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